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Mollie Katz Communications constructs strategic plans that assure your marketing, advocacy and fundraising programs will be seen and heard.

Mollie Katz Communications offers PR insights with impact, because we study the problems you want to solve. We listen. We review facts, figures and anecdotes about your past and present. Then, with creativity and instincts about motivating audiences, we craft plans to take you where you want to go.

We bring a background rich in health, science, policy and philanthropy. We have worked extensively with nonprofits and have helped small businesses gain an edge.

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Weekly Tips for Shining on the Job



Solve problems with vectored thinking

Vectored images are fun to work with because it’s so easy to scale them up or down for varied uses. Become a better problem solver by weaving this principle into your approach.

Let your pie-in-the sky solutions to problems be the starting point for this vectored thinking. But don’t let the real-world limitations like time, money or skill-level stop you.

Instead, accept those boundaries and re-scale the big idea to fit the actual situation. You’ll focus tightly on the most valuable element of the idea, leave behind the unrealistic parts and find a pragmatic way to reap the benefits.  

Vectored images are adaptable.  Your thinking can be, too, when you approach solutions with this sliding-scale method.