Communication Skills Training

In a strong communications operation, everyone is empowered to work at a high level. Striving for improvement never ends.

In a career of more than 20 years, Mollie Katz has trained fellow communicators and professionals from fields including health, policy, advocacy, social work and philanthropy.

Her presentations at conferences and meetings have received outstanding evaluations. One-on-one and in groups large and small, Mollie’s guidance and feedback have instilled new confidence and skill in delivering messages.

  • Getting started with communications (New in 2017)
  • Finding and using communications opportunities (New in 2017)
  • Developing ambassadors for your organization¬†(New in 2017)
  • Communicating with funders¬†(New in 2017)
  • Public speaking skills
  • Writing clearly, concisely and colorfully
  • Preparing for media interviews
  • Basics of generating news coverage
  • Developing an editorial calendar
  • Partnering with others on marketing communications